Withdrawal time depends on the method of withdrawing. To withdraw with FIAT currencies can take anywhere from 3 – 5 business days. To withdraw with CRYPTO currencies, it can take up to 3 hours.

‍Your Leverage group depends on your trading methods and the status of account level.

We currently support over 200 different Crypto Currency pairs and 20+ Crypto Currency coins that you are able trade or buy.

The Spreads are determined according to market volatility.

The spreads are determined once we receive the automatic market feedback which happens every 25 seconds. The Spreads are then automatically configured.

Yes, you can close your account and request a full cash out whenever you please to.

Yes, you will be asked for your unique wallet address number on transaction. Please make sure that you are providing the right wallet address number as after the transaction is sent it is not reversable.

Yes, the reason why you must have an account manager is that even if you chose to trade by your self your account manager must keep you updated about the market movements and events that are happening especially if you have open trades and you are not aware.

You are able to make deposits to your account via the following methods: Credit/Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Crypto Currency Transfer. We are also working on adding additional deposit methods.

No, your account manager does not earn any commissions off of your trades.

Tradetide makes money off of the trade volume and arbitrage rates on bulk buying and selling of Crypto’s.

Verification depends on the level of your account. The higher the worth the more secure your account needs to be. For basic users a Utility Bill, Identification and DOD (Declaration of Deposit) will be suffice enough.

We are very strict in regard to Anti Money Laundering laws and require that each individual is aware they have deposited an amount of money to their account. In the case that an individual does not sign the DOD form then the funds will be returned to the card or bank it has come from.

Yes, here at Tradetide security is our lives. Every client’s details are confidential kept within encrypted files for assurance that no leakage of information is able to take place. All of our protocols are very strict in regard to maintaining confidentiality with each individual client.

A Trial Period or Test Drive is a set amount of trades or days that is discussed between you and you Account Manager to see whether we can provide you with the results you are looking for or if this form of trading is even for you. This period is a very crucial time to assess the statistics of return on your investment.